Our Values

Our core values create the basis of White Paper Human Resources Practices. Core values shared by our employees are the key for the success of our company.

The core values that we, as Beyaz Kağıt employees, adopted are:

Accuracy and Reliability0%

We enhance relations based on trust by behaving in accordance with the work ethic and honest work principles; and we look out for being honest, ensuring the information that we communicate is accurate, work ethics, and transparency.

Customer Focus0%

Being aware of the needs of our shareholders, we manage customer expectations to obtain customer satisfaction by supplying suitable services.


With planned and disciplined approach, we overcome all obstacles; and reach desired results on time.

Team Work0%

We believe the best solutions come from and best targets are achieved by working together, by sharing our experiences and fulfilling our responsibilities.

Continuous Development and Being Open for Chance0%

We are committed to personal excellence by providing the best ideas we have to offer, giving our best effort each day and by seeking continuous improvement. We create a positive and inspiring business environment by supplying necessary support and means for our employees.

Analytical Thinking0%

We use accurate data, performance indices and indicators, while we are analyzing causes of problems, and developing proposals for solutions and making decisions.

Being Proactive0%

We think and act ahead of anticipated events, determine the causes and take necessary precautions.