We have our own R & D Laboratories and Quality Control Laboratories in our factory. The R & D Department has been making researches and development efforts to create new products, develop formulations and improve product performance.

We follow requests from customers, sectoral analyzes and technological developments. R & D and Quality Control studies show that we are working towards improving product quality and offering the best products in the economic segment.

It’s our first priority that checking  materials wheter they’re fit with quality standarts or not. The Quality Control process, which starts with the control of the raw materials, continues with the intermediate controls of the products during the production.

According to the sampling frequency determined by statistical methods, the tests determined by the standards are applied to the samples taken from the products.

The tests regarding raw materials and products is carried out and checking by our experienced team in our advanced laboratory within the standards. It provides process control and input control processes to the maximum level by our Quality and Control Department.