Our Human Resources Policy

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Our Human Resources Policy

To establish a sustainable, creative, learning organization structure where people continually develop their capacity to realize the targets and objectives in along with the vision and the mission of the company.

Our Human Resources Strategies

  • To create human resources policies and practices that will provide contribution to reach the company targets,
  • With an effective recruitment process, the company will create a result-oriented, decision driven organization structure which highlight the core values,  thus recruiting highly competent employees who support this evolving process at all levels,
  • To apply a competitive and fair wage policy,
  • To contribute to the fact that the company reaches to its main targets by supporting successes and continuous development of its employees with target-based management model,
  • To increase competitiveness by cultivating future leaders with the help of effective human resources planning,
  • To increase the employee satisfaction, motivation and their commitment to the company,
  • In line with the needs of the company to achieve the targets set, carry out the necessary actions for career development plan,
  • To create a culture where directors assume the responsibility for the development of the employees, and to support open communication in relation to this.

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